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Just like we have Hollywood, India also has an entertainment industry called Bollywood. It is a very rapidly growing industry that is quickly becoming popular all over the world. There is much controversy arising because Bollywood is becoming much more modern than the typical Indian cultural values and many individuals of the older generation do not approve of this. Regardless, the youth of Bollywood are gaining more confidence in them and overpowering these complaints. Some of the more popular actors and actresses are Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, and Priyanka Chopra. Bollywood produces more than 1000 movies per year; that is nothing compare to Hollywood. 

For more information on Bollywood celebrities and gossips go on www.indiafm.com

Why I Chose Mohawk

Web 2.0

I actually am not a person who enjoys writing a lot. However, I am willing to give it a chance to web 2.0 and online social networking because I know this is where a lot of job opportunities are going to take place. Everyone and everywhere in this world has access to internet now. Therefore, I need to learn how to use web 2.0 and get my self involve in all these new websites like dig, twitter, word press and many more. This is the only way I can unite with people all around the world. Therefore, I am going to try my best to learn more about web 2.0 and enjoy it.


I believe eating healthy is very important. A lot of kid’s nowadays are going through obesity and it’s not even their fault. I think it is the parents to be blamed for. Parents introduce their kids to junk food at such a young age and they get into a habit of eating un-healthy food. For instance whenever a kid is crying or being annoying parents turn on the T.V., then they give their kids food like chips and chocolate to eat. Therefore, the kids focus on watching T.V and enjoying their favorite food in the world without realizing how it is harming their bodies. Later on this becomes a repeated habit. The same system works outside peoples’ homes. I am sure whenever anyone is shopping in the mall or grocery shopping. We always see kids crying for candies or any other sort of junk food. The sad part is the parents have to give it up to them because they don’t want to create any scene in the store. So out of embarrassment kids get their way of eating un-healthy food. I think we should force kids to eat healthy food even if they through their temper tantrums because kids do not know what is best for them. We should make them get into a habit of eating healthy at young age. Therefore, when they are ready to make their own decisions they make them right.

For more information on eating healthy log on to: http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/index_e.html




Everyone has some sort of music in their life; every culture has their own music. Music has been such a major factor in people’s life. Music makes people sad; it makes them happy, angry or any emotions they get out of it. Music is something that I believe people can not live with out. People listen to music in their home, cars, work, shopping malls, and clubs almost everywhere you go. I seriously can not think of a place where you can not listen to music. People carry I pods, MP3 players, CD players and all sorts of other technical music equipments each and everyday of their lives.

Music can be a positive or a negative thing. For example, people listen to “happy” or “pumped up” songs to get hyper and get their moods better. However, music can influence a lot of people in a negative way. For instance most of the rap music now days is all about gang violence, sex, making a lot of money in the worst way possible. These were just few examples that kids follow and try to be “WANNA BES” hustlers and gangsters. These types of rap videos are corrupting the young mind of kids who are going to be our future.

Another fact that i found out was how music not only effects people but it effects any living creature in this world. Belive it or not music works on animals and plants as well 

ps:As you know now music is a neccessaity in peoples life and especially mine:)


I hope to learn various different materials from this course. For instance, by writing blogs each week my writing skills will get better. We get to choose our own topics and talk about it online. We also get to share any useful information or funny material or website among each other. We get to do social networking online. By adding one person you automatically get known by few other people. Therefore, you’re constantly making friends and meeting new people online. Also, since blogging online is so popular  world wide it will create alot of opprtuinities for example it can prepare us to get jobs. A lot of news agencies have their own websites online and you can now you can always apply to become a online journalist.